Meta Transaction Relaying Server

All transactions on Ethereum like networks are paid using transaction fees known as gas. To avoid the requirement for all end users to fund themselves with ETH on their respective networks we support meta transactions which allows a 3rd party transaction fueling service to fund and relay transactions without requiring pre-funding the users account.

API Description

Fuel Token

A JWT or similar Bearer token (see RFC 6750) SHOULD be issued as part of the Private Chain Provisioning Flow.

Funding service SHOULD verify based on their own business rules that the signer of the transaction is allowed to use the Fuel Token.


To create a meta transaction, you need the following parameters:

  • txRelayAddress address of the txRelay contract
  • whitelistOwner (use 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000)
  • metaNonce the nonce stored in the txRelay contract. This is NOT the same as the Ethereum account nonce
  • to ethereum address of recipient of transaction
  • data the data field of the ethereum transaction
metaTxInput = '1900' + stripHexPrefix(txRelayAddress)
                    + stripHexPrefix(whitelistOwner) + padTo64(metaNonce) + to + data
signature = secp256k1(keccak256(metaTxInput))

Create an unsigned wrapper transaction to the relayMetaTx function.

let wrapperTx = {
      'gasPrice': raw_gasPrice, // ignored
      'gasLimit': raw_gasLimit, // ignored
      'value': 0,
      'to': this.txRelayAddress
let rawMetaSignedTx = txutils.functionTx(txRelayAbi, 'relayMetaTx', [
        addHexPrefix(Buffer.from(signature.r, 'base64').toString('hex')),
        addHexPrefix(Buffer.from(signature.s, 'base64').toString('hex')),
      ], wrapperTx)


POST /api/v2/relay/

Authorization: Bearer <jwt token>


  metaSignedTx: <raw signed meta Tx>,
  blockchain: <blockchain id or name>,
  metaNonce: <meta nonce>


200Ok.address funded
403ForbiddenJWT token missing or invalid
404Not foundBlockchain not found
429Too many connsToo many connections
500Internal ErrorInternal error

Response data

The transaction hash of the real transaction on the blockchain:

  txHash: <tx hash>