Private Chain Provisioning Message

A Private Chain Provisioning Message can be used for adding an account created on a private Ethereum chain to a users Uport Mobile App.

Private Chain Provisioning Messages are always signed and are created as part of the Private Chain Provisioning Flow.


The following attributes of the JWT are supported:

issThe MNID of the signing identityyes
audThe MNID of the parent identity (the receiver of this account)yes
subThe MNID encoding of the private chain accountyes
iatThe time of issuanceyes
expExpiration time of Verificationno
dadEthereum address of devicekey as passed to provisioning service as nad in the Selective Disclosure Responseyes
ctlEthereum address of the Meta Identity Manager used to control the accountyes
regEthereum address of the Uport Registry used on private chainno
relUrl of relay service for providing gas on private networkno (recommended)
fctUrl of fueling service for providing gas on private networkno
accFuel token used to authenticate on above fct urlyes