Build with uPort

Bootstrap your app with single sign on, reusable credentials, mobile signing, and more.

Privacy Preserving Single Sign-On

Enable your ethereum or server app to securely authenticate users.

Exchange Verifiable Credentials

Issue, request, and verify reusable identity credentials to your users.

Updates required for Uport Connect and Uport JS! Visit for more information.

A Focus On Developers

    // basic code to "log in" a user by requesting a name

    // 1...  construct a link or QR with the URI
    // 2...  use the payload for authentication

    connect.requestCredentials({ requested: ['name']}, (uri) => {
    }).then((payload) => {

Identity Building Blocks


uPort Connect

Single sign-on and transaction signing for your client-side app

uPort JS

Request, sign, and issue credentials from your app server



Create Decentralized Identifiers and manage their interactions in your app.

EthrDID Registry

A smart contract that enables the resolution and management of decentralized identifiers (DIDs)