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// basic code to "log in" a user by
// requesting certain data attributes
 requested: ['name', 'avatar', 'phone', 'country'],
 notifcations: true

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Phoebe Olson
User Data
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "Person",
  "publicKey": "0x044c31ed1499dce76ee7711c72388fda86e6c1d4f9ecc105c4abe2f63cfe79638822dcf21b7c29b3d208fc01d4e0506d4e8f6234a912727a36cf347e61956d5f2f",
  "publicEncKey": "Py+NXzHgacNMTzj9Ufe4S2KPuzR39dDMd1o+rWBJnmM=",
  "name": "Christian Jeria"

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Why uPort?

Give users control over their identity and data.

Uport is Ethereum's identity platform. Self-sovereign, user centric keys and data management using Ethereum smart contracts. Support decentralized identity and user data. Self-sovereign identity platform built using Ethereum. User-centric data and reputation protocol.

User onboarding, single sign on, authentication, and signatures.

Uport will help you scale your app beyond the technical ethereum developer community to more mainstream users.Ethereum apps force users to manage private keys and deal with complexities like interacting with gas. Uport eliminates most of this complexity from the equation, making your app truly scalable. Support for blockchain or server apps. Uport Connect... Accept digital signatures from users. 2FA, sign terms,

Support for blockchain and client-server apps.

Your app likely requires users to securely interact with servers and smart contracts. That's why Uport supports users across Ethereum and client-server apps. We bridge Ethereum and the rest of the world.